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Why Magnesium Chloride Is Used For Road Dust Control

If the roads in front of your home or business are extremely dusty, it can cause a variety of safety and health issues to you, your family, and your employees.

At DD Enterprise, we get asked all the time why magnesium chloride is the preferred method for road dust control, especially when it comes to gravel roads. In this blog, we’re going to learn about the benefits of magnesium chloride for controlling dust on your property.

What’s So Special About Magnesium Chloride?

There are plenty of reasons why people use magnesium chloride to control and reduce the amount of dust on their roads, the main one being: it works. Magnesium chloride is an incredible dust suppressor on unpaved roads. It is also known for its deicing and anti-icing effects during the cold winter months. As a hygroscopic and deliquescent agent, this element can absorb moisture from humid air, helping to eliminate dust by keeping the surface of the road somewhat damp. This holds dust particles down and can reduce the amount of blow-off dust that accumulates from the wind and other elements.

What Are The Benefits Of Dust Control?

  • Dust control methods can improve the visibility on your site, reducing the number of accidents each year.
  • Appropriate dust control can provide your space with cleaner air.
  • Dust control can reduce the chances of injury on your property from flying stones and loose gravel.

Where Is Magnesium Chloride Often Used?

Magnesium chloride is often used to reduce the amount of dust on:

  • Unpaved roads
  • Parking lots
  • Fairgrounds
  • Construction sites
  • Horse arenas
  • Baseball fields
  • Parks

If you need a dust control company near Bozeman, contact the specialists at DD Enterprise today. We specialize in gravel road stabilization and road dust control throughout the state of Montana, and our team can help you control the amount of dust on your property.

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